2weirdbeats is a music producer duo by Mthokozisi Ncube & Shepard Ncube based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Together they make soulful,sweet,chilling, uplifting, funky and high-energy songs & they don’t recognize genre boundaries fusing soul , RnB, Jazz, trap soul, electronic dance, hip-hop and more. They have been producing beats together for the 90s Dream record label.

They were the beats machine for the whole 90s Dream artists album titled “The Playlist” in 2017.
2weirdbeats started as a side project group with which the two would join forces when producing ,until they found a sound that represented what they loved and made them stand out. It is a live-in the box, old but modern sound that’s where the name came about The 2 most weird producers .

Look out for more of their tracks this year as they have a lot of projects featuring more talented upcoming artists.

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